Property Committee

The Property Committee is responsible for the overall care, maintenance, and general stewardship of the church building and grounds. This small group prioritizes and schedules large maintenance projects and periodic tasks, organizes landscaping and snow removal services, and performs building-related routine upkeep and maintenance. The Property Committee also negotiates contracts with maintenance firms, when necessary, and ensures all repairs fall within historic preservation requirements. The Property Committee provides a monthly report of activities to the church council and makes annual recommendations of repairs and major costs and expenditures.

Worship & Music Committee

The Worship & Music committee focuses on enriching the regular weekly worship services at Georgetown Lutheran Church. This small group includes the Pastor, Music Director, and up to four members of the congregation or regular attendees of the church. Committee members are especially familiar with our worship hymnals and resources. On a routine basis, they explore new and creative sources of material which can be used to enhance the overall worship experience. The Worship & Music committee considers seasonal adaptations of the Sunday morning liturgies and hymn selections and recommends them to the church council. In addition, members of the committee periodically assist with the duties of the Altar Guild.